Maureen Elizabeth Hanley

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About Me

My world opened up on my sixteenth birthday when my mom gave me her Olympus OM1 35mm film camera as a gift.  I enrolled in photography classes at Grand Rapids Community College and received amazing training in the darkroom and behind the camera.  Before long I was literally taking photographs in my sleep, determining the correct aperture and shutter speed for my dreamworld.  My passion for photography is now fourteen years strong, with no end in sight.

In addition to photography, I also have a strong love for business. I earned my Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration at Aquinas College and have been blessed with eleven years of experience working for companies in West Michigan.  My experience includes Marketing, Sales, Operations, Service, Customer Service, Office Administration, and Human Resources.

Maureen Elizabeth Photography brings together my two passions to create a reality that far surpasses the dreams of my youth.  I can say without a doubt, "Vita bella est!", or in other words, "Life is beautiful!"